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Forever Fab Beauty is a full service salon offering a fabulous experience from beginning to end, specializing in promoting healthy hair, natural hair silkening and extensions. At Forever Fab Beauty our mission is to provide a Fabulous Experience that makes all women feel Fabulous from the INSIDE OUT. Focusing on making sure all our members' hair and scalp is healthy, is our top priority. Education on the common causes of hair loss, product knowledge & beauty wellness is our top priority. 

At Forever Fab Beauty offers commercial hair extensions and custom units that stays Fabulous after multiple installs and years to come. We stand behind assuring our extensions are HypoAllergenic with absolutely NO chemical alterations. We provide 100% Raw Virgin hair extensions. All cuticles are aligned, meaning they are the same length from top to bottom and flow in the same growth direction as your natural hair. This eliminates tangles, matting and makes your hair feel fabulously smooth. We are committed to providing high quality products to our clients/consumers at affordable prices. Forever Fab Extensions are abundant, silky, luxurious strands that are sure to make any hair style Forever Fab!


1.Forever Fab Beauty provides more than beauty services and products. We inspire and uplift. Forever Fab Beauty is Where Beauty Discovers your inner fab. Forever Fab beauty is about discovering who we are in the eyes of God, Loving ourselves as God loves us  and Creating an inner beauty that lasts forever.


2. Forever Fab Beauty Focuses on Hair Health and Healthy Hair Education. Forever Fab Beauty has created a system that helps clients choose the right beauty service, technique or product needed for clients personal beauty needs.


3. Forever Fab Beauty Customizes Services and Products Strictly for our clients needs. Forever Fab Beauty has created a system that's customized to help clients choose the right extensions, services and products for their at home hair care journey to achieve their desired look and healthy hair goals. Many clients get lost or stuck on what are the right products and services to choose for their hair care needs.

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